The Story begins in December 1999, with the simple idea to see 3 small church youth groups all come together for a weekend spiritual retreat.  Individually, each group had around 10 youth, so doing something on their own may have been a bit more difficult.  However, collectively, they could come together for a great weekend experience. That’s exactly what happened.  35 youth and adults gathered in a small cabin at a camp near Lenoir, North Carolina, for what was the birth of Tsunami Ministries, and the annual Fall Experience Weekend.

Since that weekend, God has continued to lead Tsunami Ministries and its board members and staffers as they prayerfully, faithfully, and boldly chase after God’s calling. All of these faithful volunteers have been on a 20 year ministry adventure that now serves hundreds of youth and adult leaders from a variety of denominations. Each event Tsunami Ministries hosts, the annual Fall Experience (FX) Weekend, Estoy Loco summer middle school mission weekend, and the annual Africa Mission Experience to Kenya, has lead youth and adults into the amazing world of service. Tsunami Ministries provided the leadership for all of these spiritual experiences both in and out of the country. We thrive on seeing people of all ages encounter and embrace the love of God, moving them towards living a life that impacts the world with God’s love and grace.

The Calling is an exciting one that has led the board of directors of this 501(c)(3) non-profit to understand that fulfilling this God-given vision and mission will be highly unlikely without a full time executive director.  A person that will make it their life’s work to not only continue to see the current ministry opportunities of Tsunami thrive, reaching their fullest potential, but to also finally be able to embrace God’s call on Tsunami Ministries to expand into exciting new areas of focus. These new areas include:

  • Coaching, Consulting and Speaking:This arena enables Tsunami to become a viable resource that will walk alongside youth workers and other ministry professionals as they navigate the exciting, yet demanding, waters of ministry in their churches, organizations and communities. Tsunami will offer its services in assisting churches and organizations, as they search for quality and capable leadership, as well as helping to give a fresh perspective in how their current ministry areas could be enhanced, to become more impactful for those they serve. On top of that, Tsunami leadership has many years of experience serving as event planners and speakers at events around the world. This will become another resource Tsunami will offer the public.

  • Missions:With years of experience in the mission field, domestically and internationally, Tsunami Ministries has the proven track record of enabling groups of people to experience and embrace God’s call to serve as his hands and feet in this world. Tsunami will provide short-term mission trip planning and leadership for these groups to GO and love their neighbor.

    These mission opportunities would benefit from an expansion of the middle and high school mission weekend trips and the Africa Mission Experience, both of which take place each summer, to other exciting destinations throughout the year.

  • Experience: Tsunami will grow its signature Fall Experience event through exposure to new markets, building deeper relationships with current and new churches, youth pastors, and other organizations. Tsunami will once again have the opportunity to add a variety of new and exciting events that will reach more people, enabling them to be a part of events that will encourage, equip, and inspire them to live fully into the lives God has created for them.


These are all areas of ministry where Tsunami Ministries feels we can generate revenue that will continue to expand the ministry, as God calls us towards in the future. 

The Goal: In conjunction with this fundraising effort, Tsunami Ministries will work to cultivate current ministry revenue streams and identify new ones through events, speaking opportunities, missions and grant opportunities. However, at the beginning of this journey, the fact is that Tsunami will need the generous partnership of those willing to join us on this adventure.  This pursuit is simply not possible without the generosity of those who will prayerfully and financially support Tsunami in the bold step to hire a full time executive director.

The vision for this growth is to secure financial commitments for a 3-year support window. The funding will be used to provide the salary for the executive director, a health and retirement stipend, and cover ministry and administrative expenses to reach our goals in the above focus areas.

Please know that 100% of the funds raised for this endeavor will be dedicated to this position and expenses associated with it. Your gifts will be solely used for this opportunity, and all financial partners will receive a quarterly report as to how and where their contributions are being utilized.

How Can You Join Tsunami on this Journey? Below you will find a variety of different partnership levels. We know that it is an important decision when it comes to where you align your financial support.  Any level of commitment over the next 3 years would be greatly appreciated, and will be put to use in wonderful ways. Tsunami Ministries thanks you for your willingness to consider being a part of this journey with us.

  • Foundation Partnership:  An annual gift of $10,000
  • Cornerstone Partnership: An annual gift of $5000
  • Builder Partnership: An annual gift of $2500
  • Investor Partnership: A monthly gift of $100
  • Or a gift in some other amount 

All financial gifts can be given as a one time gift, offered through a check made payable to Tsunami Ministries, Inc., or through the secure online payment link found below.  We would also encourage you to please consider setting up recurring giving through that same link. 

Tsunami Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all partners will receive a monthly receipt of their generous gift to Tsunami Ministries, as well as a year-end report for tax purposes.

“I was a small, timid sixth grader when I went to my first FX with Tsunami Ministries in the fall of 2007. I had grown up in the Church all my life, but as I left that weekend, my understanding of what it meant to be loved by Jesus was radically changed. I remember so clearly the literal wave of emotions that washed over me as I realized the full weight of what the Cross meant for me. The work of Tsunami Ministries led me to Christ; but beyond that, the continual impact of Tsunami built me up in my faith throughout middle and high school, and prepared me for my life in ministry as a church planter. The experiences I had and relationships I made through Tsunami still remain some of my fondest memories. And it was those very experiences that brought me to where I am today, and have in turn given me the greatest joy of knowing and following Jesus Christ.”

Lydia Odom, Former FX Youth, Current Church Planter in Charleston, SC 

“I have been a part of Tsunami Ministries for years and these guys are truly doing Kingdom work! They love the Lord and love serving students and they do both of these really well! They pour a lot of prayer, thought, and intentionality into everything that they do and it has been cool to see how God has continued to move through them to make an impact on people all over the world.”

 Matt Sherrill, Director of Youth, Carmel UMC